Health Analytics


Health Analytics

Measuring the impact of value based care

As the health sector in New Zealand shifts its focus from volume to value, a new paradigm is created in which care is delivered by an entire coordinated care community sharing in the responsibility—and risk—of outcomes and costs, touching almost every part of the health care delivery operations. Robust analytics is key to defining populations, understanding the care that’s provided to these groups, and determining variations across practitioners, physicians, facilities, or regions.

Despite the need for strong analytics, many organisations often struggle in this area, in part due to the sheer volume of available data. Unfortunately, as volume has gone up, access to meaningful information on which to make sound decisions has dropped because organisations are unable to fully appreciate the data they have.

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Triple / Quadruple AIM

Improving the health system requires simultaneous pursuit of three aims: improving the experience of care, improving the health of populations and reducing the per capita cost (Triple Aim). More recently Deloitte has also worked with clients around Quadruple AIM, where the additional quadrant can focus on the health workforce – or more holistically on the sustainability of a health system across its entire asset base (facilities, workforce, financial, environmental, etc.)

Deloitte and Oracle have jointly developed a solution that can enable healthcare organisations to materially accelerate their journey toward achieving the Triple Aim or Quadruple AIM journey by integrating information across the different pillars. Our solution increases transparency and access to insights in a highly scalable, easily configured platform. The Triple / Quadruple Aim in the Box solution combines a set of packaged software applications from Oracle that serve as a flexible and scalable platform, enhanced by Deloitte’s leading practice accelerators along with implementation and integration services to customise and configure the solution for specific client needs.  The “start anywhere” approach of this solution allows healthcare organisations the flexibility to advance their analytic capabilities across all three pillars of the Triple Aim while prioritising the components critical to them.

Data Quality in a Box (DQ in a Box) 

Many analytical projects flounder, because the incoming data sets that they rely upon are fragmented, inconsistent and of variable quality. Inevitably this means that a lot of work goes into pre-processing data, leaving less time and bandwidth to actually think about the data or analysing it more deeply.

We have developed a solution that can help our clients to quickly assess the quality of their data and plan initiatives to start remediating their data quality issues. The solution can easily plug in our client data landscape or process our data extracts to provide an accurate view of the data quality gaps, identify the inaccurate records, estimate the level of cleansing effort and track quality improvement progress.

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