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Health Care is evolving as the industry undergoes significant change. Companies must adapt to new realities to remain an asset within the industry and sustain growth in today's environment. Deloitte member firm's global network helps clients respond to the complexities of today and tomorrow. Read our articles below.

2018 Global healthcare outlook

With quality, outcomes, and value being the watchwords for health care in the 21st century, sector stakeholders around the globe are looking for innovative and cost-effective ways to deliver patient-centered, technology-enabled “smart” health care, both inside and outside hospital walls.


Strategies for stemming the opioid epidemic

​The opioid crisis in the United States continues to reverberate across society. While a holistic solution remains elusive, health plans and pharmacy benefit managers are evolving their use of data analytics and technology to improve prevention and treatment among their members and in their communities.


Time to care

Many New Zealand health providers have critical workforce issues and struggle with retention. Healthcare workers and professionals are leaving their profession earlier, citing a lack of time for hands-on-care. In light of rising demand on our healthcare services and on-going staff shortages the question is, whether current workforce models are sustainable.


The digital hospital of the future

​As the cost of care continues to rise, many hospitals are looking for long-term solutions to minimize inpatient services. Learn how technology and health care delivery will merge to influence the future of hospital design and the patient experience across the globe in this report developed by Deloitte US.


Breaking the dependency cycle

New Zealand like other countries has sub-populations with varying health outcomes and sometimes severe inequalities: These sub-populations are typically characterised by ethnicity and / or social deprivation – and they have varying degrees of access to health and other services. This results in significantly different health outcomes in terms of mortality or hospital admission rates. The latest report from Deloitte’s UK Centre for Health Solutions discusses how European countries are tackling these challenges and provides inspiring examples and case studies where impressive gains have been made in reducing such inequalities.

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