Programme leadership


Programme leadership

Delivering value in times of change

Economic drivers pushing organisations into major change initiatives have never been greater. Fierce competition, changing business models, new technology, deregulation, cost pressures and globalisation are creating the need for organisations to undertake complex initiatives, and with unprecedented speed.

Despite the increasing level of investment being made by organisations in projects and programmes, a startling number of initiatives fail to deliver the expected results

Traditional programme and project management approaches are less effective as the nature and volume of challenges increase. The result is many independent and competing activities occur simultaneously creating conflict.

Our Programme Leadership takes a holistic approach to the delivery of projects and programmes in complex organisations. We align projects with the overall strategic objectives, transforming the business strategy into a coordinated portfolio of initiatives.

Intelligent Programme Management Office

Our Intelligent Programme Management Office (IPMO) adds value – not red tape. It informs your senior executives and supports strategy delivery through a tailored approach to project type and industry, and provides industry/technical specialist programme managers with the data they need.

Programme Assurance

Our Programme Assurance solution is designed to be flexible and scaleable. Founded on a risk-based approach we ensure the right level of assurance is provided. Our approach consists of five independent solutions, and each solution provides a different level of assurance at different points in the programme life cycle.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Strategic Portfolio Management capability  helps clients control the portfolio of initiatives they have running and optimise value from their project investments.

Why Deloitte?

Programme Leadership helps you unlock the full value of your initiatives, especially when you have a range of complex projects going on simultaneously. We combine strategic and operational capabilities with extensive implementation experience in order to develop strategies and realise the benefits across your organisation.

Our consultants specialise in many areas including project and programme delivery and management as well as risk management, planning, governance and reporting. We work closely with our colleagues in Human Capital and Technology Integration so together we can provide credible solutions for the more significant and complex challenges faced by organisations.