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Primary Sector Services

New Zealand’s primary sector continues to be the predominant source of wealth generation for the country, dominating our exports and technology development

While the primary sectors’ productivity has continuously outperformed New Zealand’s wider economy, there are considerable opportunities for participants to improve their skills, products and profitability.

The success of New Zealand’s primary sector is crucial to the success of the nation; with primary sector exports and technology representing the country’s predominant source of wealth generation.

Primary sector businesses are facing rapid changes in consumer demands, technology, regulation, competition and community expectations, so it’s important that business models and operational practices are aligned to guarantee sustainable growth.


How we can help

We work with businesses across the whole primary sector spectrum. Whether you’re a farmer, food producer or farm supplier, work further up the supply chain in food processing, manufacturing and exporting, or are involved in policy setting and governance, we have a team of trusted advisors who can help.

We have a wealth of experience in the sector and understand the challenges businesses face when responding to the ever-changing external environment; whether it’s from an environmental, consumer demand or policy perspective. Our goal is to ensure the primary sector is supported, sustainable and prosperous for years to come.


Key services we offer

We offer a range of services designed to help players from all parts of the primary sector thrive.

Governance & Sustainability

Strong governance is essential to ensuring businesses are well-placed to succeed in the future. Our emphasis is on equipping businesses with the correct tools to ensure their operations are sustainable long into the future - for the benefit of business owners, local communities and future generations.

We work together with our clients to assess best land use options, enabling them to understand the long-term viability of their projects. We then work to establish governance structures, processes, systems and operational models that will enable the business to succeed while managing risks and balancing sustainability goals to ensure optimal performance.

Sustainability is more than the environment – it’s about being sustainable socially and economically. We work with families to achieve intergenerational sustainability through succession planning and farm advisory.

Lee Gray

Partner - Deloitte Private


+64 4 470 3848

Transaction Services

Investors or businesses looking to acquire, expand or divest need a good understanding of New Zealand’s market in order to make informed decisions.

We can provide due diligence, valuation and deal advisory services which, coupled with our extensive networks throughout the Asia- Pacific, help facilitate inbound and outbound capital investment flows. We undertake full assessments of investment opportunities, co-ordinate capital raising, and execute transactions while adopting risk mitigation strategies – delivering successful outcomes for all parties.

Matthew Parker

Partner - Corporate Finance


+64 4 470 3595


Navigating the pressures of growth is key to the long-term sustainable performance of a business. We act as an independent and experienced guide to assist owners, management, lenders and other stakeholders of agribusinesses to make the right decisions in challenging situations.

Our team of restructuring and turn-around specialists provide practical support and advice to restructure, exit or prepare a business for sale. We offer debt raising and re-financing advice, as well as asset and value recovery, providing all stakeholders with a clear view of the business viability and the best options for future success. 

David Webb

Partner - Recovery & Corporate Finance


+64 9 303 0959

Insights & Data

Harness the power of data to drive impactful decision-making with our agri-insights team. Using primary industry big data, we can unlock deep insights to provide direction for large manufacturers, exporters and suppliers.

We provide data insights for clients covering a spectrum of uses, including product traceability and customer preferences, understanding price signals and production efficiencies, and aiding in compliance and regulation.

Crispin Deans

Director - Risk Advisory


+64 3 363 3763

Strategy & Transformation

Rapid changes in the marketplace, regulation and technology require deft primary industry transformation. Business leaders need to anticipate and respond to these changes through robust strategy and business models to ensure sustainable growth.

We help primary sector leaders understand the bigger picture, co-designing the right strategy to meet their objectives and provide stability. We work through the entire journey, from developing strategy, to implementing and improving performance.

Philippa Jones

Director - Consulting


+64 21 919 232

Policy, Strategy & Regulation

Decision-makers in the primary sector are faced with challenging questions – how to satisfy ever-changing customer preferences, while balancing environmental impacts and the sustainability of rural communities. Policy decision-makers – whether they are regulatory bodies or businesses - require robust analysis, a clear understanding of economic, social and environmental impacts.

Our team provides policy, strategy and regulatory advice, cost benefit analysis and economic impact assessments to support policy development, implementation and evaluation.

Jane Fraser-Jones

National Primary Sector Lead

Partner - Corporate Finance


+64 4 470 3647

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Matthew Parker

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