State of the State 2018 podcast mini-series

Wellbeing in abundance

Our quality of life is dependent on nurturing our sense of wellbeing. Hear from article authors and special guests on why wellbeing is so important, and how we foster it from a number of angles for the benefit of all Kiwis.

Episode 1 - An introduction to wellbeing

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David Lovatt, Deloitte New Zealand's Public Sector lead partner, is joined by fellow article authors Jane Fraser-Jones from Deloitte, and Girol Karacaoglu from Victoria University of Wellington, to talk through wellbeing in more detail. We discuss how social investment is evolving into a wellbeing approach, globally and here in New Zealand. How do we develop wellbeing, involving communities, incentivising policy-makers and managing risk to try new things?

This episode covers the first three articles of the State of the State series, read them here:

  • Article 1: Wellbeing in abundance: looking after our own backyard  
  • Article 2: Beyond GDP: measuring New Zealand’s wellbeing progress  
  • Article 3: Paving the way to wellbeing: the evolution of social investment 


Podcast: An introduction to wellbeing

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Episode 2 – A family-by-family approach to wellbeing

Podcast host, David Lovatt, is joined by Deloitte New Zealand's social impact practice lead, Adithi Pandit, and independent government contractor, Claire Falck, to discuss how a wellbeing approach can be taken to help at-risk families.

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Episode 3 – Building social and human capitals

Deborah Lucas, a director at Deloitte New Zealand, and guests speak with podcast host, David Lovatt, around the Government’s Four Capitals approach to tackling wellbeing in New Zealand. We look deeper into why human and social capital are so important and how communities are the key to fostering them. Read the article featured in this podcast here: Inclusive and resilient communities: co-creating our human and social capital


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