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Building a fair future for all

An exploration of reducing inequities: different kinds of inequities, how each affects us, and what we can do to reduce inequities for all Kiwis

In our fourth State of the State New Zealand report, written in partnership with Victoria University of Wellington, we will look at how we can build a fair future for all from a number of perspectives, through the lens of the opportunities we could realise and the solutions we could explore as a society.

We will introduce research into the causes and effects of inequities, and look at the role of the state as a leader and catalyst of change. We’ll also bring in diverse voices including Māori, business and community stakeholders as they reflect their views on practical steps to reduce inequities. We will conclude with the path forward and recommendations that help all New Zealanders to benefit from greater wellbeing and prosperity.

State of the State 2019

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About State of the State

These reports are a series of digestible research designed to start discussions on topics we believe to be of importance to the future of New Zealand. Previously we have delved into social investment, boosting resilience, and creating wellbeing in abundance. Join us and Victoria University of Wellington this year, as we explore how New Zealand can build a fair future for all.

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