Tertiary talk


Tertiary Talk 

Meet our education team

Deloitte brings together professionals with diverse experience and knowledge to provide customised solutions for clients across all facets of the tertiary sector. We serve our clients locally, while drawing upon the firm’s considerable global resources and industry expertise.


Tertiary talk


Steve Law: Partner – Consulting

Sector Focus: Transformation and project management, IT selection, implementation and review

Phone: +64 3 363 3872    Email:  stelaw@deloitte.co.nz



Richard Bailey: Partner - Corporate Finance

Sector Focus: Independent quality assurance, capital asset management, capital programmes

Phone: +64 3 363 3828  Email: richardbailey@deloitte.co.nz




David Seath: Partner - Risk Advisory

Sector Focus: Internal audit, risk advisory, forensic investigation and compliance reviews

Phone: +64 3 363 3731  Email: dseath@deloitte.co.nz




Philippa Jones: Director - Consulting

Sector Focus: Transformation, business change, organisation development, HR  management, and business operations and performance

Phone: +64 3 363 3745 Email: phijones@deloitte.co.nz

Penny Thomson: Associate Director - Corporate Finance

Sector Focus:  Business case development, independent quality assurance,   financial modelling

Phone:  +64 3 363 3861 Email: pethomson@deloitte.co.nz





Kyle Cameron: Partner – Private Business Advisory

Sector Focus: Business case development and organisation design.

Phone: +64 21379 249   Email:  kycameron@deloitte.co.nz





David Lovatt: Partner – Consulting

Sector Focus: Strategy, transformation and new operating models

Phone: +64 21 490 016   Email: dlovatt@deloitte.co.nz




Dave Farrelly: Partner – Consulting

Sector Focus:    Technology strategy and architecture, cloud adoption, strategic sourcing

Phone: +64 21 682 477  Email: dafarrelly@deloitte.co.nz




John Tan: Partner – Financial Advisory

Sector Focus: Financial modelling and business case development

Phone: +64 21407 282   Email: johntan@deloitte.co.nz




Lorinda Kelly: Director – Risk Advisory

Sector Focus: Forensic investigations, TEC and NZQA compliance reviews, third party provider reviews and data analysis.

Phone: +64 4 470 3749   Email:  lorkelly@deloitte.co.nz





Damian Harvey: Partner – Consulting

Sector Focus: Digital transformation, API’s and legacy modernisation

Phone: +64 27 5585 559   Email:  dharvey@deloitte.co.nz

Leon Wijohn:  Partner – Private Business Advisory

Sector Focus: Finance function support, strategy, governance, new ventures and partnerships

Phone: +64 27 277 8817  Email: lwijohn@deloitte.co.nz



Avi Chand: Associate Director – Corporate Finance

Sector Focus: Process improvement, regulatory compliance, financial modelling, and business case development

Phone: +64 7 838 7911  Email:  avchand@deloitte.co.nz



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