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May 2018

When it comes to Cybersecurity, do you have a resilience mind-set?

Digitisation of tertiary institutions is increasing and with this, so is the need for cybersecurity vigilance. The very innovations that drive efficiency and growth in an organisation are the same that create first order cyber security risks.

Five essential principles for improving student success

Over the past decade, many US colleges and universities have invested in tools to address student success, particularly retention and completion metrics. Unfortunately, outcomes and student engagement measures show little improvement.

Seven key questions to ask your asset managers

By now many institutions will have completed their 2018 capital asset management (CAM) self-assessment and submitted this to the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). Treasury’s Capital Asset Management Framework seeks to ensure that Universities, ITPs and Wānanga are effectively ‘preserving and protecting’ the Crown’s investment in education facilities – some $10b in the tertiary sector alone.

Big payoffs from international collaboration

New Zealand universities are increasingly benefiting from international collaborations. A large share of research is undertaken across national borders and international students have become a valuable export earner. However, the public and the broader economy gain the most from universities collaborating across borders. These benefits suggest it is worthwhile for the government to have a bigger role in supporting international collaboration initiatives.

Tertiary Talk May 2018

March 2018

The path to successful digital transformation

Many tertiary institutions are looking at digital transformation to improve the way that they operate in an increasingly competitive and rapidly evolving higher education market. 

Does your institution have ‘lazy assets’?

Improving asset efficiency in our sector has long been a desirable performance improvement goal in TEIs; more so since Treasury introduced the Capital Asset Management framework some years ago.  

Transformation: “Are we there yet?”

Transformation is an overused word that leaders use to express displeasure at where they see their organisations are today, or will be when they are disrupted by markets or competitors, and how much they need to change in order to be fit for the future.

Zero fees an economic winner or loser?

Tertiary institutions around the country were sent into a state of flux last year when Labour announced their zero fee tertiary education policy with less than 100 days before the enrolment of the first cohort of ‘free fees’ students. 

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