State of the state


Fit for the Future
Building resilience in the face of uncertainty

State of the State 2017

Life in New Zealand is pretty good, but it’s not all plain sailing. In the next 25 years, our country can expect to face both sudden shocks and long term disruption that impact our collective wellbeing.

We have a small, open economy. This means we face greater risk of certain shocks, but it also gives us the opportunity to be exceptional in our response to disruption.

State of the state

While we can anticipate some future challenges, conditions change and we can’t predict them all or their effects on New Zealand.

Resilience considers how well and how quickly we can bounce back from adversity – anticipated or unexpected.

Shocks we can anticipate include things like the rising cost of our kiwi lifestyle, healthcare, housing and education.

Other big challenges ahead, like the changing nature of work, bring with them a cloud of uncertainty around our future.

We are only as resilient as our people, businesses and social infrastructure. 

How well we respond to future uncertainty relies on ensuring resilience at all of these levels, individually and together.

State of the State New Zealand 2017 looks at the challenges we face and investigates what policies can be developed now to ensure we stay fit for the future.

What is State of the State?

These reports starting last year with Social Investment for our Future, are a series of digestible research designed to start discussions on topics Deloitte believe to be of importance to the future of New Zealand. This year we have partnered with Victoria University of Wellington School of Business.

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