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Three Waters Reform

Challenges and opportunities for New Zealand's water services delivery

There are significant infrastructure reforms ahead in New Zealand with the Three Water Reform Programme representing the most profound changes in local government water management we have ever seen.

This provides many opportunities and challenges for councils, iwi, and water organisations. Our experts can help you navigate the transformational journey ahead as you consider the key questions that have to be answered:

  • What are the key risks for your people as a result of the proposed changes?
  • Is this an opportunity to transform other aspects of your organisation?
  • How will the financial impacts be measured and managed?
  • What will be the impact of the reform on your current asset base?
  • How will the change process be managed and governed?
  • Will this affect our ability to meet the proposed regulatory requirements and service level standards?

With our experience of sector reform, organisation transformation, financial management, and technology-enabled change, we can help you to move confidently into the future of Three Waters.

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