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Deloitte Bribery and Corruption Survey 2017

Welcome to the report on Deloitte’s third Australia and New Zealand bribery and corruption survey.

Bribery and corruption is a multidimensional issue, where incidents can damage an organisation’s reputation, culture, regulatory standing and even profitability. Beyond organisational borders, this insidious force damages people, communities, economies and countries. It is not a 'victimless' crime – far from it.

We assist organisations worldwide to prevent, detect and respond to fraud and corruption. On the frontline we are seeing significant developments in Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) regulation, research and trends across the Asia Pacific region and the broader global community, with this rapid evolution echoing current conditions of global uncertainty.

While your ABC program is inherently valuable, in this time of increased uncertainty and change, its value has never been greater.

Maximising this value and maintaining the edge mean finding fresh ways to invigorate your efforts.

In this report we explain the experiences of our survey respondents in relation to preventing, detecting and responding to foreign and domestic bribery and corruption. We also describe how respondents perceived bribery and corruption risks, and the types of incidents they disclosed.

In doing so, we hope that these insights will help readers to better understand their own bribery and corruption risks, and how to enhance their organisational ABC programs.

After all, it has never been more important to get – and stay – one step ahead of the bribery and corruption challenge.

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