2018 State of CSR


Progress, prospects and impact

How business is preparing for the Modern Slavery Act

A number of New Zealand based organisations will be affected by the impending Australian Modern Slavery Act. Are you one of them? The proposed Act is likely to be passed in September 2018 and will apply to organisations with over A$100 million revenues in Australia, regardless of where they are based. Your organisation may be required to provide a public report on how you identify and combat modern slavery problems in your operations as well as in your supply chain.

Deloitte’s 2018 report on State of CSR in Australia and New Zealand highlights that there is significant opportunity to demonstrate that New Zealand wants to be a leader in mitigating modern slavery practices. First steps for businesses are to understand their business profile and define whether the modern slavery act applies to them. 

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2018 State of CSR in Australia and New Zealand
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