Global Boardroom Program – Webinar Schedule for 2022

The Deloitte Global Boardroom Programme team are hosting an engaging series of boardroom discussions for 2022, featuring critical topics for the board and the executive committee. See below for a full list and to register your interest.

Although many of these webinars are scheduled at times that may not be preferable for those based in New Zealand, if you register for a webinar that you are interested in, you will receive a copy of the full recording including a short written recap to watch in your own time.

Tech Trends for the Board | 6 April 2022 (16:00 London/11:00 NY) | Deloitte Global

As digital innovation and transformation remain key strategic priorities, how do leading boards address technology in their deliberations? Our panel of leading board members, CIOs, and technology subject-matter experts will answer these questions and more.


Proxy Season Topics | 25 April 2022 (16:00 London/11:00 NY) | Deloitte Global

As proxy season approaches and businesses look to move towards the ‘new normal’ in 2022, where should boards and their compensation and nomination/ governance committees focus? In this webinar, we will be joined by a panel of board and executive level experts to help answer these crucial questions.


The inflation outlook: How can boards prepare for the future of global inflation? | 5 May 2022 (16:00 London/11:00 NY) | Deloitte Global

As we continue to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic impact of the recovery has witnessed some dramatic changes. Inflation in particular has become disruptive as it has hit record highs in many countries, exacerbated in some commodities by the tragic Ukraine Crisis. So how can governments, businesses—and their boards of directors—tackle sharp inflation rises in a meaningful way? What will the long-term impact mean for companies and households? And critically, will inflation be further compounded by continuing geopolitical tensions and continuing supply chain disruptions?

To help us answer these questions we will be joined by a panel of experts to explore the inflation outlook and map out some potential scenarios that could be expected over the coming months.


Digital Risks & the Audit Committee | 19 May 2022 (16:00 London/11:00 NY) | Deloitte Global

In this webinar, we will share a preview of the latest Global Boardroom Frontier Survey on Digital and Cyber concerns, and we will and explore key questions for boards and audit committee members to consider when navigating the evolving digital risk landscape.


Climate and ESG factors for Asia Pacific | 14/15 June (11:30 Beijing/23:30 NY) | Deloitte Global

With climate and ESG considerations at the forefront of companies agendas, momentum is now building on ambitions to reduce emissions, phase out fossil fuels, achieve net-zero, and build long-term, meaningful regulation. With ESG regulation developing and increased pressure from shareholders, regulators, governments and other key stakeholders, businesses are at a critical point in ensuring they have appropriate policies in place to address this change. Leaders will be asking questions such as, does our ESG policy go far enough? What reporting considerations must we make on climate-related matters? How can we effectively demonstrate to our shareholders and regulators we are committed to reducing emissions? What does this mean for the Asia Pacific region and businesses operating in this area?

To help answer these questions, we will be joined by a panel of climate and ESG experts to explore what board members are doing to push the climate agenda forward and establish meaningful change in their organisations. We will also examine the reputational aspect of climate reporting and how this impacts shareholders and the wider public.


Chair of the Future | 21 June 2022 (16:00 London/11:00 NY) | Deloitte Global

What are the emerging themes that future chairs need to be aware of to remain effective in the role? We will be joined by a distinguished panel of chairs who will share their


Investor Roundtable | 21 September 2022 (16:00 London/11:00 NY) | Deloitte Global

What key issues are of most interest to institutional investors in 2022? In this webinar, we will dive into our review of leading institutional investor voting policies across the globe, and highlight key focus areas as well as emerging themes observed in the US, Europe and beyond.


Company Challenges in a Fragmenting World | 20 October 2022 (16:00 London/11:00 NY) | Deloitte Global

As the world begins to adapt to post-pandemic life, cracks arising from the past two years are becoming apparent. We will be joined by a panel of distinguished board members to explore how businesses can overcome some of the thorniest challenges of our times.


ESG & Trust | 15 November (16:00 London/11:00 NY) | Deloitte Global

In this webinar, we will be joined by a panel of ESG and climate experts to examine what leading boards are doing to establish a meaningful ESG agenda in the boardroom, and lessons learned about how to build and retain trust. We will also explore the latest results from our Frontier Survey on ESG & Trust.

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