Global boardroom programme

Webinar schedule for 2023

The Deloitte global boardroom programme team are hosting an engaging series of boardroom discussions for 2023, featuring critical topics for the board and the executive committee. See below for a full list and to register your interest.

Although many of these webinars are scheduled at times that may not be preferable for those based in New Zealand, if you register for a webinar that you are interested in, you will receive a copy of the full recording including a short-written recap to watch in your own time.

2023 economic outlook

Challenges in the global economy continue to blow headwinds in the direction of companies and their boards. From skills and labour shortages, persistent commodity inflation, to a supply chain crisis that recedes only to resurrect again, boards face difficult choices in considering how to plan, where to invest and how to enhance resilience for an uncertain economic outlook in 2023. What do economists think is waiting for us around the corner in 2023? What scenarios should we be considering?

17 January 2023 | 16:00 London / 11:00 NY


Geopolitics: Implications for boards of the shifting landscape in Europe

On the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there is no lack of challenges for companies operating in Europe today. From geopolitics to the increased cohesiveness of the trade bloc and its willingness to take interventionist decisions, to the prospect of increased defence spending, the future of energy and the cost-of-living crisis, to the increased cost and scarcity of certain commodities and components boards of directors must navigate an increasing number of fault lines. What can we expect from European geopolitics over the coming year? What are the most sophisticated board members doing to get ahead of changing circumstances, or to minimize their effects?

16 February 2023 16:00 London / 11:00 NY


Tech trends for boards

What are the tech megatrends shaping company tech investments today? How are leading boards thinking about the transformational opportunities from technology? Are companies investing fast enough to keep up with the pace of innovation and competition as the global giants consider which industry to take on next? Our panelists will offer their perspective on how high-performing boards can assist management in thinking about the strategic implications of the latest advances in technology, from artificial intelligence, to cloud and quantum computing, to cyber security and data privacy.

2 March 2023 | 16:00 London / 11:00 NY


Supply, demand, and inflation – a deep dive for boards

Despite efforts by central banks around the world, higher levels of inflation appear to be with us for an extended period. What are the implications of this extended period of inflationary pressure – for government budgets, for consumers, for savings and investment and for companies? Will the impacts look similar from country to country, or will there be regional or country-level differences? For boards, inflation makes long-term strategic planning more challenging, especially assumptions behind investment, pricing and hiring, and much else besides. But will this time of challenge also accelerate other megatrends, such as investment in technology and other innovations?

18 April 2023 | 16:00 London / 11:00 NY

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