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Hacky Holidays is now open for registrations

Deloitte’s Hacky Holidays cyber competition is now open for entrants, including here in New Zealand. The competition is a great opportunity for anyone who has an interest in cyber, providing learning opportunities and fun.

Now in its third year, the Hacky Holidays competition offers the chance to win prizes, and is hosted by the Deloitte Netherlands team on the Hackazon platform.

Cyber is a growing industry, and at Deloitte we’re worldwide leaders in the field of cyber security consulting and cyber intelligence. We deliver technological innovation and deep industry experience to our clients.– Hacky Holidays gives an insight into cyber work for those interested in this career path. The competition is also an opportunity for Deloitte to find the next generation of cyber experts to join our team.

What is the competition?

Participants solve a range of puzzles related to cyber security, focused on emerging technologies such as cloud and product security. There are four phases to the competition, and you can join at any time – although it’s recommended to start your entry as early as you can.

Who can enter?

Anyone can enter. The exercises are perfect for developers, IT engineers, incident responders, security analysts and penetration testers, but can also aid in raising general security awareness.

The exercises are known as ‘capture the flag’ challenges, catering to all skill levels but primarily focusing on beginners to inspire upcoming cyber talent.

The experience

Hackazon is a Deloitte-developed platform for gamified learning, which allows both students and professionals to improve their technical cyber skills based on the latest developments in cyber security. It’s delivered through hands-on exercises and courses in a virtual lab environment.

Key dates

The registrations are live and the race will take place between July 8th and July 26th. Assemble your team and register here


  1. Phase 1 is live from Friday 8 July @ 8 PM 
  2. Phase 2 is live from Friday 15 July
  3. Phase 3 is live from Friday 22 July

Competition closes on Tuesday 26 July.

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