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Conduct is a lens into the culture of an organisation. By understanding and addressing the fundamental drivers of misconduct, Deloitte helps organisations drive a sustainable and robust risk culture to protect themselves for future growth.

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Conduct failings seem to be widespread across several jurisdictions. In New Zealand, there is a unique opportunity to take control of the conduct agenda by proactively addressing the drivers of a positive risk culture and conduct through an organisation’s operating model and processes and overall governance. This approach builds upon the existing customer trust base to prevent misconduct and achieve fair customer outcomes.

To help financial services organisations be proactive about misconduct, the graphic below, from the Deloitte Centre for Regulatory Strategy, identifies its fundamental drivers, and some of the emerging technologies and solutions firms can enlist to help manage conduct risk.

Drivers of misconduct & Innovative solutions for managing conduct risk - Click to see full size image

Conduct and building a positive risk culture

In this five-part article series, our experts, in association with Newsroom, investigate key issues organisations need to address around conduct, the fair treatment of customers and how to build a positive risk culture.

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Aloysius Teh

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Catherine Waugh

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