Deloitte + Safe365


Deloitte and Safe365

Together Deloitte and Safe365 provide a health and safety management solution that will drive productivity, efficiency and assurance

Against the backdrop of COVID-19, with health and safety top of mind, the Deloitte and Safe365 alliance provides businesses with a comprehensive health and safety solution, ensuring organisations can quickly and easily measure, monitor and improve health and safety management.

With the emergence of COVID-19 and the associated risks it presents to organisations, it is times like this that highlight the need for businesses to be able to effectively manage the health and safety of their people, and the impact they have on the wider community. 

The Safe365 tool includes a module on emergency preparedness, which focuses on an organisation’s approach to addressing emergencies. The outputs of the Safe365 tool allow for a dynamic visual representation of the current state of health and safety management.

Wherever you are on your health and safety management journey, we’ll work together with you, helping you to understand and assess your current capabilities and identify the areas for improvement.

We work with businesses of all sizes and industries and offer a suite of tools that provide a holistic view of the current state, allowing you to quickly identify areas for improvement. We’ll then work with you to put systems in place to address any issues.

This enhanced level of assessment provides greater transparency and assurance in your health and safety management system, via easy to interpret, visual reports, accessible to all levels of your business. 

We bring together the very best of Deloitte’s experience and insights with Safe365’s world-class digital tools, to provide clients a clear pathway for interpretation and improvement, helping you to develop and deliver a compliant health and safety environment for your business, providing you with the agility to respond quickly to a rapidly changing health and safety landscape. 

The Safe365 intelligent Health & Safety management system focuses on:

  • Director, management and worker knowledge
  • Audit and verification
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Health and safety data collection
  • Efficient management reporting – with simple, visual
    reports that are easy to interpret
  • Greater workforce engagement
  • Improved safety culture and behaviours

Safe365 Dashboard

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