Sustainability and ESG reporting

Reporting more than just financial performance is becoming increasingly important for all businesses.

Investors, customers, employees and potential employees want to understand how your business creates value for them, and financial performance is just one aspect. Articulating a balanced, complete and accurate picture of your business activities is increasingly critical, especially as mandatory reporting becomes increasingly likely.

Reporting has tangible strategic benefits. It enables increased awareness and management of risks and opportunities, helping drive towards a more long term management strategy and streamlining processes to increase efficacy.

How we can help you

Finding the right framework

What is the TCFD? How is it different to integrated reporting and GRI?

If you’re not sure what the best reporting framework is for your business, we can help explain the different options and provide a roadmap for meaningful reporting for your particular stakeholders. We can help collect, prepare and present information in accordance with the framework that you choose.


Preparing high quality information

Want to make sure the data and information you’re reporting is credible?

We can review your data process and controls to ensure the quality of your data.  This improves the quality of the information you’re reporting and ensures it accurately reflects what’s being disclosed. Given the increased focus on reported information, this type of engagement gives you the peace of mind that your non-financial data is relevant and correct.


Confidence from assurance

For even more comfort over your non-financial data, you can opt for either limited or reasonable assurance over material non-financial information. We’ll check the completeness and accuracy of the information being reported and your stakeholders will benefit from the confidence our assurance statement provides.

Our experienced team has been helping large and small clients with sustainability reporting for over a decade.  We can meet you wherever you’re at on your reporting and sustainability journey. 

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Brett Tomkins

Brett Tomkins

Partner - Assurance & Advisory, Sustainability

Customers have differing needs and issues. My experience is people value having someone to listen, understand and provide positive impetus for change. Over the years, I’ve approached each client and t... More

Monika Wakeman

Monika Wakeman

Partner - Risk Advisory, Sustainability & Climate

I lead our health, safety and wellbeing service with a particular focus on third party and supply chain risk management as it applies to the environmental, social and governance (ESG) landscape. I’ve ... More