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Deloitte’s Sustainability Practice

Sustainability and climate change is cited by business as being the biggest challenge for the modern world. There is an urgent need to embrace a more holistic view of value beyond the financials. Long term value can be created or destroyed by actions we take today.  This is why businesses need to understand the impacts they have across customers, suppliers, capital providers, communities and the environment.  As the World Business Council for Sustainable Development puts it ‘business cannot succeed in a society that fails’. Deloitte recognises that business plays a critical role in shaping the evolution of society as a whole and we work with clients to understand and break-through these complex and interconnected challenges.

How we can help

We work with clients to understand how sustainability relates to their business and the opportunities and challenges it can present. We help organisations to consider the broader connections both within their business and with the world at large through integrated thinking which delivers value over the long term.

Carbon Planning and Management

Understand and positively manage carbon emissions profiles.

Purpose and Strategy

Identify and understand sustainability issues and how they link to organisational purpose, performance and reporting.

Sustainability Reporting

Use of reporting frameworks to communicate a holistic view of organisational performance.

Resource Efficiency and Environmental Management

Managing the business and environmental impacts of natural resources consumption such as water, energy, waste, and emissions by translating analytical insights into actionable cost savings, risk mitigation opportunities and economic value.

Impact Measurement

Identify, value, monitor and report the impact of projects, programs and policies.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Refine supply chains, product lifecycles and internal operations by addressing diverse issues such as supplier engagement and extended producer strategy, sourcing and procurement, packaging, closed loop recycling, supply chain transparency, and upholding international human and labour rights.

Governance & Sustainable Finance

Incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into investment decisions.

Sustainability Assurance

Internal and external assurance on sustainability reports, greenhouse gas (GHG) statements, and other forms of non-financial information.

Virtual CSO

Specialists to lead or support organisations in all aspects of their sustainability journey.


Health and Safety

Risk management and assessment.

Social Impact

Strategy, measurement and reporting.


Deloitte is passionate about working with New Zealand business for long term, sustainable and measurable value creation. Our network means we can access the best people with the right experience to develop innovative solutions. Our New Zealand based Deloitte team has decades of experience integrating sustainability into corporates, SME’s and government which when combined with our global resources provides the best solution to a sustainable future.   


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Brett Tomkins

Brett Tomkins

Lead Partner - Sustainability

Customers have differing needs and issues. My experience is people value having someone to listen, understand and provide positive impetus for change. Over the years, I’ve approached each client and t... More