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Titiro atu ki nga taumata ō te moana | Look beyond the horizon to the future

A positive future requires positive choices. While New Zealand has made good progress on a range of environmental, social and economic indicators we believe that our future relies on New Zealand government and businesses making a step change in how they think about and conduct their operations.

All parts of society need to activate around the just transition to a low emissions economy. New Zealand governments and businesses have an important role to play, contributing to public and individual finances, providing products and services and influencing the evolution and prosperity of our society as a whole.

The magnitude of this potential is driving calls for greater, active participation and a fundamental change in how we understand the purpose of business.

Commercial success through commitment to sustainable development is the way business can play its role.

It isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s good for business. A wide body of evidence demonstrates that businesses can be more successful and more sustainable in the long term when they link to a wider social, economic or environmental goal.

Evidence shows that businesses outperform the market when they make an authentic commitment of this nature, driven by an ability to better engage and inspire all stakeholders including talent, consumers, partners, regulators and investors.

How we can help

We will meet you where you are at on your transformation journey.  By viewing your business through a stakeholder lens we support you to design and deliver the changes that will keep it resilient, fit for purpose, and able to explore the possibilities of a low-carbon economy.

Purpose, Strategy & Impact

Through the lens of sustainability we can help you develop a deeper perspective on your purpose, impact, measurement, performance and how you communicate these to a broad group of stakeholders.

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Integrated Planning

Planning to reduce your emissions in isolation of your financial and operational planning will hamper your progress. Integrated planning will ensure your entire organisation is aligned and carbon reduction is front and centre in your decision making. Deloitte’s Carbon Planning model in Workday Adaptive Insights enables you to evaluate scenarios, set plans and monitor and report on the progress of your emission reduction journey and can be integrated with your financial, resource and operational planning.

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Sustainable Finance & Impact Investing

We can help you model and communicate your impact alongside supporting you to embed ESG criteria into investment decisions, due diligence and transactions.

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Hourua Pae Rau – Māori business services

Our values, knowledge and relationships help Māori wishing to grow your pūtea, wealth, assets and businesses for the benefit of your whanau, hapu and iwi.  We balance wide-ranging financial services with the objectives of tīkanga Māori and whakaaro Māori.

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Pås Peau – Pasifika business services

Our focus is on building Pasifika capability through partnership. We help build capability within the Pasifika community by collaborating with organisations and individuals committed to delivering better outcomes for Pasifika – including
public sector, private sector and non-profit organisations.

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Structuring for purpose

We can help you develop a structure and strategy that enables you to make an impact that matters for you, your team, your customers, your suppliers and your investors.  We will work with you and your team to define your social or environmental purpose along with the steps required to align your business to achieve it.

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Reporting & Assurance

We can help you ensure your strategy translates into business outcomes by linking it to processes, controls and reporting. We can also assist you in preparing or utilising appropriate reporting frameworks to communicate a holistic view of organisational performance.  For those entities further down the journey, we can provide internal and external assurance on sustainability reports, greenhouse gas (GHG) statements, and other forms of non-financial information.

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Value Chain Sustainability

We can support you to reimagine your supply chains/networks, product lifecycles and internal operations by addressing diverse issues such as supplier engagement and extended producer strategy, sourcing and procurement, packaging, closed loop recycling, supply chain transparency, and upholding international human and labour rights.

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Governance & Risk

We can support you to become more risk intelligent through taking a holistic view of the impacts of climate change and other social and environmental challenges to your business.  We can help you with the governance and oversight to more effectively understand how sustainability practices can help your business navigate risk and increase resilience.

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Resource Efficiency & Impact Management

Understanding and addressing the difference between doing ‘less bad’ and ‘doing good’ as a business operating in a rapidly changing environment is critical for long-term success. We can help you ensure that your environmental performance contributes positively to wider business performance, from preparing for a low carbon future, through optimising resource efficiency to managing environmental risk.

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Deloitte is passionate about working with New Zealand business for long term, sustainable and inclusive growth. Our network means we can access the best people with the right experience. Our Deloitte New Zealand team has decades of experience integrating sustainability into corporates, SMEs and government.

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