Strategic positioning

Strategies and approaches to manage your obligations

The new regulatory and competitive landscape brings opportunities as well as risks.

If you haven’t already done so, you need to think about and discuss the following with your management team:

  • Marketing and brand strategies – how are you responding to increasing consumer preference and demand for sustainable products and services?
  • Cost reduction strategies – how are you managing your input costs as the market for carbon matures and the costs in this market fluctuate?
  • New technologies and business opportunities – do you know which opportunities are now viable as a result of government policies, alternative funding models and the economics of the carbon economy?
  • Carbon markets and trading strategies – are these accounting for regulatory mechanisms being put in place globally?
  • Carbon reduction strategies – how are you maintaining your competitiveness as the cost of carbon increases? 

We can help you understand and respond to the risks, challenges and opportunities by working with you to:

  • Develop strategies for operating within a carbon constrained world (including emissions trading)
  • Structure carbon related financial deals
  • Value your assets and liabilities related to carbon
  • Model your financials for carbon related cash-flows
  • Measure or verify your carbon footprint and supply chain footprints
  • Develop strategies to manage your obligations and opportunities under an emissions trading scheme and global carbon markets
  • Supply chain optimisation to reduce your footprint
  • Redesign operations to realise value through sustainable design
  • Exploitation of UN schemes such as Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)