Cost management


Strategic cost management

You face pressure to reduce costs and improve profitability. You are pursuing ways to operate more efficiently and effectively. This is not only due to deteriorating market conditions and pressure from shareholders, but also to the need to satisfy ever-increasing customer expectations with improved service.

We can help you to address the challenges your organisation is facing. We can help you to deliver what counts most, bottom line results and operating margins.

Our strategic cost management service is clustered around five core themes:

  • Cost health check: this diagnostic approach  identifies company-specific cost issues and related saving potential., allowing organisations to focus on cost optimisation tailored to individual requirements.
  • Enterprise cost reduction program: the identification of both  short and long term initiatives across the organisation promising a positive return on investment
  • Operational Excellence: positions the organisation as an execution leader in balancing service quality and effectiveness with cost of delivery through optimisating of its organisation, processes, technology and partnerships.
  • Selling, general and administrative expense reduction: these services focus on realising cost saving targets for selling, indirect spend and general and administrative expenses.
  • Outsourcing advisory: our methodology focuses on assessing and selecting outsourcing opportunities ensuring quality of service and efficient cost management.