Strategic performance improvement


Strategic performance improvement

Are you facing the challenge of adapting your business to the rapidly changing market environment? Are you finding it difficult to sustain and improve the performance of your core business? Do you know how you can leverage your core competencies to drive KPIs and create value for your business and how you can best apply KPIs to motivate your team to outperform the market?

With our unique combination of analytical skills, industry experience and proven tools, we can offer you the right team to help you accelerate the performance improvement process. We have experience in analysing industry and company specific impacts of the financial crisis. We have the right tools, developed and constantly improved by Deloitte experts around the world, combining countless client cases, benchmarks and our vast industry expertise.

Our strategic performance improvement offering:

  • Integrated Performance Management (IPM): we have a proven IPM framework and a track record of developing successful performance management solutions. Our IPM offering is accelerated by a toolkit comprising a Finance Transformation CFO Framework and the Enterprise Value Map™. Our IPM solution helps organisations apply a holistic approach to performance management. IPM supports a company’s strategy and promotes a dynamic response to change via our plan, measure and intervene approach.
  • ValueAnalytics™: this proprietary tool enables clients to understand how value is created in their organisation and to identify where further opportunities exist. We analyse planned strategies to identify key improvement initiatives supported by relevant performance indicators that drive delivery and monitor progress.
  • Global expansion optimisation: we can assist with the development and implementation of domestic or global strategies to identify and select optimal locations for your organisation's operations — whether headquarters, research and development, back-office, manufacturing, distribution or retail. Integrating the location strategy and corporate strategic planning optimises long-term resource availability while balancing overall costs. Evaluating financial considerations, locations and capacity, we help establish a facility for either single-use or the entire organisational portfolio