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Tax Alert - September 2019

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The Deloitte Insights section of the app pulls content directly from the Deloitte Insights website—which is home to our high-calibre thought leadership and insights. Here you’ll find:

·         Compelling articles, videos, and podcasts on thought-provoking topics that are top of mind for our clients (not just tax!)

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The news section delivers real-time updates from Dow Jones’s award-winning newsroom, including content from the Wall Street Journal. Dow Jones Factiva news also provides access to premium news sources from around the world. Users can also:

·         Track equity, currency, and other markets and create a personalized watchlist of US stocks

·         Find up-to-the-minute headlines on business, market, and finance topics

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New content appears on our website almost daily, and is now available on the Deloitte Insights app. The app is available for iOS via the Apple App Store and Android via the Google Play Store.

September 2019 Tax Alert contents

·         What's on the tax policy work programme

·         A stick and carrot approach: FATCA, CRS and QI update

·         Customs is also interested in your transfer pricing 

·         Taxing telecommunication tools

·         Mileage reimbursements revisited - again!

·         Follow the rules when deducting bad debts

·         Recent developments

·         Deloitte Insights app 

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