Digital Tax

Digital transformation is here, and it’s changing tax and legal departments. Today, people are working with machines to harness data, automate the execution of rote tasks, comply in real time, and free themselves up to add greater value within their companies. That not only transforms how work gets done; it transforms the talent needed to do it.

How we can help

We are your trusted Digital Tax advisor. Technology is changing quickly and it can be hard to keep up; we see it as our role to keep up with the pace with a flexible approach. Some taxpayers want a tax specific product, while some prefer a more customised approach, starting with process mapping and identifying where and how technology can help. There is no one right way to start, but starting is the most important thing. We’re passionate about helping people get excited about the potential of Digital Tax and what it can mean for their business. 

Our solutions

Tax platforms

In a world where data security is critical, tax platforms manage many things for many stakeholders. We use tax platforms as a central online safe environment to share and deliver data, manage documents, track workflow, and communicate advice. 

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Data analytics

Organisations have vast volumes of data but are only recently investing in tools and techniques to uncover the rich insights within that data. Our analytics team are continually building a library of tests which can generate valuable prescriptive insights to help you anticipate future challenges.

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R&D credit compliance

When it comes to R&D credit compliance, myGI is an innovative, web-based credit claims management system – a centralised and secure location that collects and organises the information for a company’s credit claims. 

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Tax software implementation

Tax compliance software has become the norm for high performing tax functions, but implementing technology can be a daunting process. As experts at implementing tax compliance software, we can guide you through the process so you can use the software to its full potential.

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Transfer pricing powered by technology

Increased desire for transparency is compelling businesses to adopt a centralised transfer pricing documentation approach. Transfer Pricing Digital DoX allows you to examine your overall transfer pricing documentation process, and we can help you use it.

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Cognitive & machine learning

Tax functions are being challenged to digest more data and improve the speed and accuracy of decision-making. As the world moves towards automation and real time technology enabled decision-making, tax decision-making does too. That’s where machine learning comes in.

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Tax governance

In these times of economic uncertainty and regulatory change, leading organisations are taking a proactive approach to risk management across the full spectrum of their activities. Tax is not excluded.  As your business and the regulatory landscape changes, weaknesses may emerge even in the strongest controls.

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Indirect tax automation

With indirect tax automation, tax functions can be more efficient, accurate and effective despite the mass proliferation of data and a changing regulatory environment that’s become increasingly complex. The speed, accuracy, and capacity of automation technologies can eliminate manual processes and free people’s time for more impactful work.

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