Financial Accounting and Operations

Deloitte offer a full range of accounting and financial services to grow and evolve businesses

Services include organisational, analytical, and recording services for the financial activities of a business and the preparation of various reports covering the financial transaction life cycle (i.e., collecting source documents, recording transactions, closing books, and preparing reports for internal and external stakeholders).

Deloitte’s services include:

  • Recording of transactions on a daily basis for all balances in the financial statements.
  • Preparation of financial statements and reporting packages for internal and external requirements with a focus on management, corporate and statutory requirements.
  • Reviewing and processing supplier and vendor invoices, financial and tax validation, recording of payments in the systems, and maintaining A/P aging reports.
  • Processing of bill, credit, and debit notes based on the organisation’s management instructions, recording these in the system, and maintaining collection reports.
  • Uploading payments in the system, generating payment reports, preparing foreign exchange monetisation per the relevant statutory or central bank formats.
  • Fixed assets, inventory, cost accounting, budgeting, development of accounting practices and procedures. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) support implementing policies defined by the organisation.

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