General Mobility Compensation and Tax Compliance 

Deloitte professionals help address complex tax matters at various stages of a company’s lifecycle and help align compensation and benefit programs with a company’s overall talent and corporate strategies

Beyond compliance, Deloitte’s integrated team of specialists can help explore
opportunities to transform global employment programs, such as:

  • discerning the total rewards that critical employees want and need;
  • identifying incentives for employees to successfully carry out company business and talent plans; and
  • exploring ideas that provide a cost-efficient return on investment.

International assignment services

A successful international assignment program requires companies to balance competitive compensation and cost control while taking care to have effective policies and procedures for regulatory compliance. Deloitte can help with this balancing challenge through our extensive knowledge of tax laws across jurisdictions and our specialised compliance and consulting skills and software. Deloitte professionals help companies coordinate various elements related to a globally mobile workforce and address worldwide compliance with employees' individual and payroll reporting and filing requirements. 

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Jayesh Dahya

Jayesh Dahya

Director - Tax

Having worked in tax for over 20 years, I have a wide range of corporate and personal tax experience across a broad range of industries.  I lead the Global Employer services business in Wellington, be... More