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Deloitte offer employment tax services that can reduce complex and time consuming tasks for local and global businesses


New Zealand Employment Taxes

With Government and Inland Revenue often looking to protect workers rights, and ever-changing rules around the taxation of benefits, it’s more critical than ever to manage Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) and Fringe Benefit Taxes (FBT). Deloitte’s network of employment tax experts are well informed and understand the nuances of regulations, the importance of deep industry knowledge and the growing role of technology in this space.

Deloitte's network of employment focused specialists help businesses manage their employment taxes effectively by providing tax technical support, guidance on effective processes and policy implementation and by leveraging technology solutions. Working together, we help clients manage costs and risks both locally and globally.

Our core services include:

Employment taxes compliance
Employment taxes advisory

Employment Tax Compliance

With the experience and ability to deliver around the globe and the innovative application of technology, Deloitte offers a range of highly efficient compliance solutions.

Deloitte has proven experience in helping clients establish and manage their local, regional as well as global employment tax compliance. We have local experts in more than 150 countries and a network of specialist compliance and reporting partners and teams experienced in delivering global compliance services.

Recurring compliance services include:

  • Preparation and submission of FBT returns
  • Preparation and submission of non-resident and contractors’ withholding taxes
  • Review of compliance data and quality checks
  • Assistance with tax audits and compliance related questions raised by Inland Revenue

Employment Taxes Recovery

Deloitte has proven experience working with Inland Revenue assisting employers with correcting over or underpaid employment taxes.

Compliance related (advisory) services

  • PAYE registrations and de-registrations
  • Co-ordination of insourcing, outsourcing, co-sourcing of employment tax compliance
  • Review of the tax implications of employment policies and procedures
  • Review and advice regarding withholding obligations for contractor and non-resident contractor payments
  • Guidance in relation to employee settlement payments
  • Review of the tax implications of collective and individual employment contracts

Employment tax compliance risk reviews

A great way for you to avoid running into problems with Inland Revenue is to develop robust processes around collecting and reporting details of the different components of remuneration provided to employees, including allowances, accommodation and fringe benefits.

Getting an external opinion on the quality of your PAYE and FBT processes and reporting could be an invaluable step in demonstrating to Inland Revenue that you have taken reasonable care in the preparation of your PAYE and FBT returns and wider tax responsibilities. Taking reasonable care is the standard required to prevent Inland Revenue imposing shortfall penalties.

Also, if a problem is identified, penalties can be reduced or often eliminated entirely if a voluntary disclosure is made before notification of an Inland Revenue audit.

Compliance program development (training, organisation design, policy and procedures) and reviews

  • Support internal compliance program design
  • Create global and local specific employment policies
  • Develop tailored standard operating procedures
  • Review / benchmark of global compliance programs

Employment tax compliance training and knowledge management

  • Design and implement tailored training programs
  • Develop training courses on PAYE, FBT and contractor withholding taxes
  • Legislative updates

Inland Revenue support

  • Support clients with engaging/liaising with Inland Revenue authorities
  • Strategic advice, guidance and assistance with Inland Revenue PAYE and FBT audits

Employment taxes advisory

Combining our employment tax experience with our industry knowledge, Deloitte helps businesses and other organisations to address employment tax technical, organisational and process challenges.

Employment tax exposures can grow quickly without a cohesive strategy and a firm understanding of the specific tax requirements. Additionally, if items of remuneration are incorrectly taxed this can flow through to impact Holiday Pay calculations and other ancillary matters such as KiwiSaver, ACC, student loan repayments or child support. The total impact of incorrect items can quickly escalate.

Deloitte’s global network of employment specialists provides client focused advisory services on local and international employment related matters.

Merger & Acquisition (M&A) Due diligence services

  • Pre- and post-merger/acquisition due diligence
  • Provide support with post-merger/acquisition disclosures and remediation activities
  • Provide post-merger/acquisition integration support
  • Provide pre and post disposition advice and assistance
  • Strategic review of current and post-merger organizational structure, resourcing levels, technology, tax reporting cycle and stakeholders
  • Strategic employment tax advice, guidance and assistance with post-merger integration of employees

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