Indirect Tax Technology and Data Management

Combining indirect tax technical, technology, and industry experience, Deloitte helps organisations embedding technology to create opportunities for improved insight, data alignment, efficiencies, and transparency over their indirect tax affairs.

Deloitte has invested in developing the multifaceted skill set required to be a key partner in defining GST / VAT strategy. Deloitte professionals help businesses select and implement the right supportive technology and provide roll out support aligned with legal and regulatory requirements.

Deloitte’s services include:

Indirect Tax Review

Indirect Tax Review employs Smart technology to facilitate consistent diagnosis of indirect tax risks and opportunities across multiple jurisdictions.

Indirect Tax Data Analytics 

Data analytics tools and techniques can help companies to better understand their indirect tax position as well as identify hidden risks and opportunities.

Indirect Tax Recovery

By leveraging Deloitte’s proprietary Revatic Smart technology and our global network of indirect tax professionals, businesses can introduce automation to reduce the time and cost to gather the required information. Introducing automation also builds transparency to the global GST recovery process.

Deloitte Revatic Smart extracts data from invoices and receipts quickly and accurately by using optical character recognition (OCR) technology and then automatically calculates deduction restrictions on certain types of expenditure. The information is organised into the required format, ready for submission to tax authorities.

Tax Enabled ERP

Deloitte provides design and implementation support to help businesses integrate indirect tax requirements into their ERP systems to improve control over tax data, manage potential risks and enhance efficiency of business processes.

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Allan Bullot

Allan Bullot

National Leader - Indirect Tax, Conduct & Ethics Leader

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Jeanne du Buisson

Jeanne du Buisson

Director - Tax

I’m an indirect tax specialist with a passion for helping clients manage their GST, VAT and customs obligations so that they can focus on their business. I lead a number of national indirect tax initi... More