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Deloitte work with companies to administer the financial and compensation elements of their global mobility programs

Many companies are transforming their mobility service delivery model by creating an integrated, connected model or “ecosystem” powered by technology that includes third-party vendors.

Organisations are facing increased pressures and complexity when it comes to managing mobile, multinational workforces. This includes dealing with myriad regulatory, tax, and compliance issues.

That’s where Deloitte, utilising Equus's technology platform, can help, delivering an integrated mobility platform, and associated services for our clients’ mobility ecosystems.

Deloitte’s transformation services, utilising Equus’s AssignmentPro technology platform can enable companies to advance their digital approach to processes, program administration, and the employee experience. Deloitte can now license, sell, and implement a technology ecosystem for clients, revolutionizing how companies:

  • Manage workforce mobility;
  • Track cross-border information;
  • Combine access to data with innovative technology tools;
  • Better connect the entire mobility value chain of HR, talent, rewards, and vendor systems.

Deloitte is a recognised leader in the design, development, and implementation of innovative expatriate services technology that can significantly streamline program administration and leverage international employee data.

Deloitte has helped global organisations integrate technology into their international assignment programs. Deloitte’s web-based tools can enhance customer service, speed up transactions, and monitor quality and accountability. Through Deloitte’s next generation GlobalAdvantage Portal, users can access tools and customise their experience with interactive, dynamic functionality.

Bringing Global Mobility into the Digital Era

Digital Workforce - Mobility brings the power of digital to transform the way organisations manage a global workforce. Until now, Global Mobility has been complex, risk-filled, and disruptive. We believe there is a new way of thinking about Global Mobility–one that is simple, predictive, and personal.

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