Sell-side Tax Support 

We can work alongside you, and your financial and legal advisers, to provide end-to-end tax support during the sale process. 

We can work alongside you, and your financial and legal advisers, to provide end-to-end tax support during the sale process. This ensures you can maximise value, minimise exposure to tax-related claims, and repatriate proceeds in the most tax efficient manner.

We have significant experience advising Sellers during sale processes, and can work alongside you to provide solutions that maximise the value created for you. Our support also ensures that, during the sale process, your time and attention are focussed on matters that are most critical and which add the most value to the transaction and to your business.

Due diligence readiness

We can help you:

  • prepare for, and manage, purchaser tax due diligence processes to ensure that tax issues are resolved ahead of the diligence process where possible, presenting a “clean” tax profile for the Target (increasing value); 
  • disclose the appropriate tax information during the due diligence; and
  • where you and your team do not have the bandwidth to navigate purchaser (and W&I insurer) due diligence requests, while at the same time managing your ongoing tax and business obligations.

Documentation review

We can ensure that key tax related items in transaction documentation have the appropriate level of tax review to eliminate any unreasonable exposure to tax related claims, and protect your interests appropriately where you are bearing risk.

This ensures the value arising from your sale is optimised.

Distribution of proceeds

We can help you establish the optimal structure to repatriate sale proceeds to your ultimate beneficial owners in the most tax efficient manner, including to maximise any capital gain or other non-taxable distribution.

This ensures the value you have created is received by the ultimate owners without undue leakage.

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Hadleigh Brock

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Campbell Rose

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