Tax Compliance (BPS)

Deloitte can offer services bundled with finance and accounting to create tax compliance and reporting solutions

Deloitte’s tax compliance methodology provides businesses with an efficient way to manage their tax compliance workload and meet deadlines. Services are commonly bundled with finance and accounting to create a turnkey compliance and reporting solution. Deloitte’s extensive regional reach and local depth of knowledge and experience in tax compliance provides businesses with the transparency and flexibility to address a full range of local and regional tax needs.

Deloitte's services include:

  • Corporate Income Tax (CIT)
  • Regional or other tax;
  • Local or municipal tax;
  • Other jurisdictional taxes and reports;
  • Goods & Services tax (GST);
  • Value added tax (VAT);
  • Withholding tax;
  • Tax filing;
  • Tax provision;
  • Tax reporting;
  • Information request support; and
  • Property tax

Tax Advisory

Through Deloitte’s iInternational tTax services, we can deliver seamless solutions to business leaders. These solutions focus on helping business leaders to make informed tax decisions and implement improvements to the way they manage their tax affairs. We focus on This focus is do in supporting of business operations and addressinges the risks associated with non-compliance.

Deloitte's services include:
  • Start-up support;
  • Tax data integration;
  • Tax implications of changes in business strategy and special transactions; and
  • Tax management consulting and technology solutions


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