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The 2011 CIO Compass

A field guide to practical IT strategy

The role of information technology (IT) has never been more significant than it is today. IT is a critical enabler of virtually every operating element in contemporary organizations, and timely access to information is of paramount importance. As the “art of the possible” in technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, it is clear that IT has become equally important as a shaping influence on corporate business strategy.

This field guide to practical IT strategy and planning is a compendium of articles that span a broad set of IT topics and issues ranging from leading-edge approaches for developing pragmatic, business-driven IT strategic plans - to perspectives on leveraging new developments in “intelligent asset” technology.

Download the PDF to gain insights, approaches, “tips” and recommendations to more effectively align your overall business and technology agendas and improve the delivery of IT services.

2011 CIO Compass: A field guide to practical IT strategy
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