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Deloitte teams with Elizabeth Arden

Deploying Oracle Fusion HCM in the Cloud

In 2011, Elizabeth Arden selected Oracle Fusion HCM as its new global Human Resource Management System. Being one of the first clients in the world to adopt this product, Elizabeth Arden was part of Oracle’s Early Adopter Program, giving them access to extra support from oracle and an input into the future design of the product.

Faced with an opportunity and a challenge they had not experienced before, Elizabeth Arden sought an implementation partner who:

  • Had a track record of working with Oracle
  • Could work to the project’s demanding timelines and
  • Would work collaboratively with the Elizabeth Arden project team.

Being a Diamond Oracle Partner with a long track record of successful Oracle implementations, Deloitte was the natural choice and began working with Elizabeth Arden in August 2011 to phase in the new HR solution globally, including core HCM and Talent Management.

In June 2012, Elizabeth Arden’s HR professionals in the UK and Switzerland began using Oracle Fusion HCM as their primary HR data management system.  Following this, the team has achieved successful rollouts to HR departments in the rest of EMEA, and to employees in the UK and Switzerland. Rollout to the rest of the HR and employee population in the Asia Pacific region is planned for May 2013, and will see the system live in 14 countries worldwide.

Deloitte teams with Elizabeth Arden and Oracle
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