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Application Managed Services

Our Managed Services portfolio is designed to help reduce your operational costs and increase the business support without increasing overhead. We understand every company is different and designed our Managed Services for optimum flexibility to fit with your business. This flexibility provides you with the focused expertise to match your priorities. Allowing you to focus where you need to.

Our services fit with your requirements – be they in-house or specialist support. We don’t dictate to you and we’re not intrusive. You choose where you want our expertise with the backup assurance of the larger pool of skills back in our office. 

We provide 24x7 services and these are managed to tight SLA’s. Giving you the peace of mind to work with one partner. We’ll take care of the rest.

Deloitte member firms’ worldwide infrastructure spans multiple geographies and provides clients access to a large pool of technology talent. Our practice delivers functional and technical capabilities across a global platform to continuously deliver on client specific business objectives. We are relentlessly focused on driving down costs, improving quality, and accelerating value in every aspect of our services.

Our Applications Management Services practice is responsible for maintaining client applications and technology infrastructure, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, legacy systems, portals and middleware. We host and maintain the applications, deliver technical and end-user support and provide the necessary technology infrastructure. Clients benefit from our knowledge of best practice processes, gaining cost reductions and optimized operations.


Our range of service options within the Cloud give you both affordability and flexibility – matched to your requirements. And we’re confident that your next board reports will show better economies of scale for your hardware, resource and service expense lines. 

Our options include:

  • SaaS (Software as a Service)

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service)
  • EaaS (Environments as a Service)
  • Disaster recovery, backup and restore
  • Patching and upgrades

  • Security, monitoring, scalability and performance

Backed with a standard support framework which includes:

  • ITIL frameworks

  • Data centres with tested, secure storage available supported by stringent SLA’s.

  • UPS backup and generators in the event of power outages

  • Qualified staff across Oracle, Microsoft and Linux

  • Helpdesk support, customised to your requirements

 Oracle and Microsoft database, middleware and Application support

We do more than “keep the lights on” for your business applications. We remove application redundancies, reduce risk and increase overall business application performance. And we can assist to install, modify and upgrade your applications as your business needs require. 

Our support options include:

  • Application production support

  • Application maintenance

  • Development, coding and management for customer configuration and enhancements

  • Identified, planned and implemented database maintenance

  • Database upgrades, patches and more

  • Disaster recoveries with full dress rehearsals

  • Helpdesk support, customised to your requirements

All backed by a large Australasian-based team of functional support staff, consultants, DBAs, project managers and solutions architects who are specialists in the Oracle and Microsoft suite of products.

 Service Desk support

Our Service Desk can provide you with 24x7, 365 days coverage. Providing you support for emergency cover, new application roll-outs or personnel fluctuations you may have on your side. This service is bundled with our DeloitteCloud and support services, or may be used separately. 

Our service offering includes:

  • Management information reports for resource usage, service performance and target achievement

  • 24x7 access to our web based call management system

  • Call logging and tracking

  • Clear and transparent escalation procedures with Oracle

  • Preferential hourly rates for project services

The service can also be provided as a DeloitteCloud service to support your call logging requirements. The benefits for you is that there are no infrastructure requirements on your end, no upfront costs and as it’s web based – is accessible anywhere and anytime for your team members.