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The source of value

Procurement and supply chain leaders today understand that the challenges of spend management are never-ending. Constant disruption creates a completely new business environment, requiring intelligent spend management and a new vision for the procurement function. As expectations rise and as new technologies such as machine learning and IoT redefine the possibilities, how will you respond? How will you transform the way your organization procures goods and services—to drive new efficiencies, generate savings, serve customers better, and fuel growth?

Where we are today

Effective leaders understand that managing a business today is about more than managing the enterprise. It’s about managing the entire chain of goods, services, and activities that extend from the supplier all the way to the customer and the customer’s experience. The traditional supply chain has transformed into a value chain, in which each step of the business process—from sourcing to sale—represents an opportunity to realise efficiencies, to innovate, and to deliver value.

Why SAP Ariba matters

Increasingly, solutions from SAP Ariba® provide organisations with new ways to develop that value. SAP Ariba offers an extensive suite of feature-rich solutions—covering sourcing, contract management, supplier management (including supplier risk), procurement, working capital optimisation, and spend visibility—to help businesses better visualise information, make meaningful decisions, and execute effectively. By delivering sophisticated collaboration and automation capabilities and by transforming tangles of data into actionable insights, SAP Ariba solutions help businesses reduce inefficiencies and discover opportunities for value.

SAP Ariba solutions can fit the bill for organisations that are already invested in SAP technologies and want to extend the transformative power of SAP—as well as for organisations seeking focused solutions to address specific challenges in the procurement process. Integrated to both on-premise environments as well as full cloud environments, SAP Ariba solutions offer organisations choice in how they get to value.

The Deloitte difference

With more than 18,000 practitioners dedicated to SAP solutions in our network, and a leading global Strategy & Operations/Sourcing & Procurement practice, Deloitte stands ready to help businesses on their journey to new value through the use of SAP Ariba solutions. As an award-winning Global SAP Services Partner and a long-serving value-added reseller for SAP Ariba, we understand the full potential of SAP solutions. Armed with decades of sourcing and procurement consulting know-how and IT experience, our network of professionals operate at the intersection of business and technology—moving nimbly to help organisations understand risks, refine processes, and then put in place powerful tools to help them reach their business objectives. And our tested methodologies, playbooks, templates, and accelerators for delivering solutions can help you get to results swiftly—in any industry and in any market.

To learn how Deloitte can help you leverage SAP Ariba and SAP technologies to discover new sources of value in your procurement process, please contact us:

To learn how Deloitte can help you leverage SAP Ariba® and SAP® technologies to discover new sources of value in your procurement process, please contact us:

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