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Digital Leader’s Academy

Deloitte’s Digital Leader’s Academy is designed to address the real challenges and business issues of today’s Digital Leader

At Deloitte, we’ve seen first-hand how the role of the Chief Information Officer has evolved and the demands on the Technology function multiplied over the past few decades. Heightened levels of scrutiny, increased need for efficient global processes, an insatiable demand for technology-enabled innovation, complex sourcing challenges and a constant request to do more with less. These changes have called for a new breed of Digital Leader – one that does not simply implement technology, but rather transforms the business through technology.

Deloitte’s Digital Leader’s Academy is designed to prepare aspiring Digital Leaders for the role’s diverse and challenging responsibilities, helping them to become a respected business leader, skilled at delivering real business value.

Over two focussed sessions, our programme provides access to insights from top technology and business executives on the skills and capabilities required to succeed as a Digital Leader in business today.

Nominations now closed

We are no longer taking applications for November’s Digital Leader’s Academy.

If you are interested in joining the academy or in nominating one of your direct reports for future intake, please contact us and we’ll be in touch.

Digital Leader’s Academy

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Dave Farrelly

Dave Farrelly

Consulting Deputy Managing Partner

I get a real kick out of helping businesses imagine and deliver on their transformation journey. Transformations by definition don’t need to be organisation wide, they can explore complex processes or... More

Jeff Brandt

Jeff Brandt

Partner - Consulting

I believe that every organisation regardless of size can make the most of technology innovations in cloud, platforms and analytics while adopting contemporary ways of working in Agile and DevOps. Tran... More