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Our Platform Engineering team of engineers and architects are focused on building flexible connectivity systems with robust operational foundations, that allow organisations to liberate the data tied up in backend systems to modern digital channels. We work with clients to embrace a platform-led approach to structuring and integrating legacy and emerging technologies more effectively and securely.

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MuleSoft is the ideal platform to accelerate your digital strategy, expose backend data, and turn your API-capability into an API-factory.

Deloitte is the global and local leader in MuleSoft implementation with a strong onshore team, backed by a scalable offshore capability.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon AWS is more than just another infrastructure provider.

It fundamentally changes the way that technology solutions are delivered with a mix of automation, scalability, and elasticity that matches costs with demand.

With the AWS technology platform we can harness the disruptive power of the cloud to innovate and transform. Deloitte has a global AWS practice with 2500+ AWS practitioners.


Docker has revolutionised the way that software is package and deployed. Microservice architectures are based on light-weight Docker Containers.

Deloitte has implemented numerous Docker projects and delivered Container Orchestration platforms using Kubernetes and OpenShift.


Elasticsearch is about more than just full-text search. It is a high-performance, massively scalable in-memory database that due to its schema-less, noSQL design, can take many different shapes of data.

Deloitte has implemented the Elastic Stack on many sites to helping to deliver the right data rapidly.

Damian Harvey

Damian Harvey

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