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Platform Engineering

Our Platform Engineering team is focused on building flexible connectivity systems with robust operational foundations, that allow organisations to liberate the data tied up in backend systems to modern digital channels. We work with clients to embrace a platform-led approach to structuring and integrating legacy and emerging technologies more effectively and securely.

John Hagel in Deloitte’s Business Trends 2015 describes platforms as “help[ing] to make resources and participants more accessible to each other on an as-needed basis. Properly designed, they can become powerful catalysts for rich ecosystems.” Hagel highlights key elements that help support a platform include a well-defined governance structure as well as standards and protocols to facilitate connection, coordination and collaboration.

At Deloitte we apply this definition to the technology that underpins businesses and their ecosystems, whether it’s a new capability or as an approach to liberating the value in existing assets.

Architecting and deploying these resources (applications, data, infrastructure) as a platform allows participants to configure services to meet their needs. These platforms are self-contained and have a well-defined set of secure protocols and interfaces that facilitate collaboration with these participants, which could be other platforms, staff, customers and external organisations.

The benefits are clear when thinking about and deploying technology this way:

  • Embracing the rapid changes in technology means that organisations are less likely to find themselves ‘painted into a corner’ with technologies that aren’t interoperable
  • As platforms are self-contained, it isolates technologies into domains, allowing intra platform change to happen at a different pace to inter platform, without overly impacting each other
  • This approach allows organisations to leverage lower cost technologies and services when they become available without having to incur substantial cost

It allows the business to implement new ways of working, enabling them to respond to opportunities and threats in a way not possible before.

Just as platforms connect ecosystems to deliver value, Deloitte Platform Engineering connects our services to deliver new client propositions.

Deloitte Platform Engineering specialises in:

  • Building platforms that have secure, data-rich, integrations/APIs; liberating value in existing assets and emitting events that are of interest to the business and operations
  • Building cloud-native applications that execute as a platform with unprecedented flexibility and robustness
  • Deliver transformation programs using a platform-based architecture, product oriented delivery model and high talent density teams.
  • Helping customers go live, stay live and continually optimise their platforms to increase productivity, quality and drive revenue.


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