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With a track record of collaboration and integration, Deloitte and can help organizations in their efforts to achieve their business goals, whether it's through social, mobile and open collaboration in the call center, or enhanced data analysis and interaction with clients. We're at the forefront of social computing, and together, we transform journeys and drive value by helping clients create the business processes and a computing foundation needed to succeed in today’s customer-centric world.


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BankApp for Origination and Onboarding
BankApp for Origination and Onboarding uses the Salesforce platform and Deloitte’s Financial Services industry experience to facilitate highly efficient processes for new customer and new account origination as well as customer relationship development.

BankApp for Sales Leads and Referrals
Coming soon!

BankApp for Origination and Onboarding

Consumer Business

Pocketsales for Call Execution is an industry solution from Deloitte. It is primarily focused on visit execution designed to support field sales and service. At its core it supports Call Planning, Route Optimization, Call Execution (Products Audits, Surveys, Task) while offline.

Since it is built on, it has a powerful underlying platform that can be extended through custom build and integrated with other systems. It is designed to complement and work with a number of apps collectively and takes advantage of other accelerators Deloitte and Salesforce have to offer, including Trade Promotions Management, Web Order Portals, Customer Communities and more. Read more.

Colingo - Commercial excellence platform

High Tech

Building on our extensive experience in the technology industry, Deloitte has developed a pre-configured Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution that helps our clients in their efforts to improve partner experience and loyalty, increase partner productivity, and realize greater channel efficiency. It offers a superb experience for partners through a partner portal that gives them all the information they need in one convenient place. It also includes pre-defined process workflows that make it easy to execute pricing, quoting, and partner management processes in a consistent and effective manner.

Creating a partner experience that helps technology companies thrive


The pre-configured capabilities in Deloitte’s insurance solution are specifically designed to match insurance industry requirements and include recommended practices based on Deloitte’s vast experience in the insurance industry. When you are evaluating the solution, we will work with you to do a fit/gap analysis that shows how the solution can meet your requirements. The solution addresses the most common challenges faced by insurers right out-of-the-box, enabling fast return on investment (ROI).

Engaging customers on their terms: A new paradigm for the insurance industry

Life Sciences

Health care providers need reliable information to provide their patients with effective care. MedConnect—Deloitte’s Medical Information Contact Center is an industry offering designed to make medical information easily accessible in a consistent regulated manner on a global basis. With powerful tools to share content from medical writers and others in the Life Sciences industry, track adverse events, and fulfill Medical Information Requests (MIRs), this platform is designed to help biopharma companies meet compliance standards and decrease Total Cost of Ownership.

MedConnect: Deloitte’s Medical Information Contact Center


Studio marketing executives need to invest marketing spend across markets for new global film releases in today’s social, digital and fast-paced climate. Deloitte’s Marketing Resource Management (MRM) solution is designed to manage film release planning, budgeting, and tracking to increase the return on investment and improved film box office receipts.

Optimize your global marketing: Deloitte’s MRM Accelerator for the Entertainment Industry