Ahmad Salim

Partner - Deloitte Creative lead and brand strategist

Ahmad Salim

Deloitte Centre

Levels 12-18


New Zealand


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After 16 years of using creativity to help brands around the world engage their audiences, I recently launched the creative practice at Deloitte NZ, to bring the power of creativity upstream in businesses, organisations and brands. 

I’m passionate about big ideas, and drawn to the people and brands that fearlessly drive the world forward. In recent years, I discovered that their great differentiator was their sense of purpose and willingness to try creative and innovative ways to make a real impact.

Given the unprecedented challenges and pace of change that the world faces today, I believe that the key to strong and sustainable success in any business or organisation lies in an inspiring and enduring brand purpose. It unlocks the true impact of creativity, informs innovation, and helps organisations look beyond short-term reactivity to category trends and issues, and instead, carve out their own unique path of growth.

Ahmad Salim