Raymond Yong

Partner - Consulting

Raymond Yong

Deloitte Centre

Levels 12-18


New Zealand


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For a tech guy, I’m different because my priority has always been people; clients, consumers, and staffs. However, we apply digital transformation it has to be applicable to these three key groups of people. Whether it is incremental growth, deep and all-encompassing change, cross-functional, collaborative results driven, or industry leadership; how it is strategically devised, how it is rolled out and its effect on all stakeholders – this is where I shine.

With over 20 years of consulting experience and considered by my peers as a Salesforce expert, I know that at the end of the day, it’s the results that matter. My approach is holistic: increasing profits is married with enhancing customer loyalty; expanding market share, comes hand in hand with sustainable growth; technology-induced change is truly a collaboration between people, process, products, and systems.

My role is to make your business grow, nothing pleases me more.

Raymond Yong