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Eminence Building

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Up until 2013, Deloitte Middle East’s share of thought leadership and eminence building could be best described as small..  Similar to other Big 4 firms and our wider competition present in our region, we were issuing publications on an ad hoc basis as well as releasing infrequent reports that were and sometimes were not in line with our market’s needs. 

Realizing what a missed opportunity this was, we decided to take action and put effort behind eminence building to aim at being recognized as the brand/firm that develops high quality, added value content covering hot topics in the region. This in turn would allow us to further establish our credibility in the market, allowing us to stand out vis a vis all other professional services firms in the Middle East. 

This is how we attained leadership status in 2014, enjoying 32% market share in the Middle East*.  We have maintained this high share and quality since, by sticking to our vision, a lot of perseverance, focus, and, perhaps most importantly, strong inter-functional collaboration.

Metrics that show impact?

Driving change is never easy and is more often than not challenging.  Realizing that if we managed to make a step change in this area we would be able to stand out from the rest of the crowd, differentiate ourselves from our competitors, establish our expertise in the marketplace, and provide added value information to our clients and prospective clients, we set a plan to make it happen.   

Our key objective was to become the #1 professional services firm in terms of market share in quality thought leadership generation.  To make this happen we put in place a team to lead this effort, who were responsible for understanding and identifying hot topics in the region, engaging the right people internally to write about these topics, as well as with the right parties externally to ensure we could give these articles, reports, whitepapers the best exposure and outreach through appropriate channels to the right audiences.  We provided media training and writing workshops to our people, as well as hired professional editors to help with final product.  This is how, one after the other, we produced quality thought leadership on the most newsworthy topics in the region: construction, Islamic finance, telecommunications, media and technology, real estate... You name it, we were writing about it. 

In a span of a few years we established Deloitte as the key voice and think tank that business leaders impatiently wait for and that media cover extensively.  In 2015 we remained the top producer of thought leadership amongst our competition, with an even more determined plan for 2016 and beyond, to reach more than 50 percent market share in the Middle East. Overly ambitious? Perhaps. Impossible? Definitely not.

Why did it matter?

Our Thought Leadership content has become the go-to reference for our clients in the market, for business publications and media outlets alike, and for business people. We now produce annualized publications in construction, Islamic finance and consulting which generate significant media coverage. Interview requests, TV appearance requests, article drafting requests continue to pour in. 

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