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Gender equality in the Middle East

The Deloitte Middle East firm continues to be a leader in gender equality in the Middle East region.

At 26 percent according to World Bank estimates, employment rate for women in the Middle East and North Africa is one of the lowest worldwide. Compounded with minimal gender focused legislative laws, and a high attrition rate as very few women reach senior level positions, it comes down to organizations to implement a change to make an impact. The statistic is startling: Only 1.5% women occupy boardroom seats in the MENA region. 

Perhaps the firm’s most notable accomplishment in gender equality in this year has been the election of the first woman on the board of directors for a three year term commencing in June 2016, this being a first among all professional services firms operating in the Middle East.

Deloitte is a founding company of the 30% Club- GCC chapter which aims to develop a diverse pool of talent for all businesses through the efforts of member companies who are committed to better gender balance at all levels of their organizations. Deloitte is a founding chair and leads the Research Group in the Club.

Deloitte is also on the advisory board and provides mentors and mentees to Reach, the first NGO in the Dubai International Financial Center, which provides women with access to mentors. Over 100 women in middle management in Dubai benefited from mentorship of c-suite leaders in the last couple of years.

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