Tax careers


Tax careers

Make your mark on business around the world

A world of opportunities awaits you with Deloitte Tax. As part of a team that combines analysis with insight, you can offer your perspective on a broad range of tax matters that impact business and provide fully integrated tax services to help clients excel globally.

Just start to consider the wide range of taxes and duties here in the Middle East, and the fact that corporations operating across borders in several countries have to deal with different taxes in each territory, and you’ll appreciate the challenges of working as a Deloitte tax specialist. Keeping abreast of tax laws and finding ways to optimize a client’s tax position is highly stimulating work.

You’ll get to deal with clients at a very senior level and establish close working relationships with them that could endure for the rest of your professional career. Because solutions need to be commercially sound, you’ll also develop expertise across the board in the consulting, business, financial and legal areas, all of which will make for a supremely balanced head.