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Our Corporate Intelligence Services (CIS) teams in Dubai and Beirut provide objective and accurate information on individuals and entities in the Middle East for clients requiring comprehensive intelligence in the context of Pre-Transaction Integrity and Reputational Due Diligence, Enhanced Due Diligence in high-risk jurisdictions, Fraud Investigations, Asset Searches and Independent Background Checks on senior appointments.

Our multilingual team specialists have backgrounds that include Political Risk Analysis, Intelligence Analysis, Fraud Investigation, Investigative Journalism and Background Check Analysis tailored to mitigate our clients’ risks.

Recent government enforcement actions, international sanctions regulations, as well as anti-corruption legislation have made it imperative for companies to consider exposure to operational, regulatory and integrity risks by their third parties.

Our CIS team can assist clients with one-off remediation programs or ongoing ones, through which we employ a streamlined process that integrates traditional investigative techniques with technology-driven analytics, visualisation and social media analysis to provide a cost-effective and tailored solution. This provides clients with valuable insight and information that may not otherwise be uncovered through traditional investigative means. 

Obtaining objective and detailed information on companies and individuals ahead of engaging in business with them is a key component on any risk mitigation strategy. We offer clients tailored research plans, enabling them to choose the level proportionate to the risk presented by each current or proposed relationship. 

Our professionals integrate traditional investigative and research techniques with technology-driven analytics, visualisation and social media analysis tools, and can also benefit from a global network of reliable human sources to search for red flags, conflicts of interest, undisclosed affiliations, financial difficulties, among other risks.

Sophisticated criminals have been increasingly capitalising on the gaps between individual jurisdictions to create their own systems of misconduct or to hide assets from financial institutions and/or the government. 

Through a combination of Interjurisdictional Accountancy-based investigative methods, Business Intelligence, Commercial Data sources and Forensic Technology, our team can trace back the ownership of assets to front companies and their facilitators and support our clients in the recovery phase. Our team has tracked assets to offshore and foreign havens in some of the most prominent commercial fraud investigations in the past 20 years.

Corporations are faced with an ever-increasing amount of litigation and complex business disputes. Our team assists clients in the various stages of dispute and litigation by leveraging our global professional network and coordinating with legal counsel and relevant authorities to identify information in support of the full litigation process.

We can support clients by investigating backgrounds of opposing parties, finding facts relevant to claims and defenses as well as identifying and locating witnesses, which can enhance litigation strategy and the scope of the litigation in the client’s favor. 

Our professionals assist clients in creating and implementing a Know Your Customer (KYC) framework for the purpose of implementing robust Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing regulations that complies with their internal regulations as well as their local jurisdiction’s relevant laws. We combine numerous KYC services, professional knowledge and a centralised workflow to help clients with the ongoing monitoring and oversight processes. 

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Rana Shashaa

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