Fraud Risk Management


Fraud Risk Management

Detect and prevent

We leverage from our local, regional, and global forensic experience to provide clients with a range of proactive services devised to mitigate the risk of fraud and corruption, enhance corporate governance, and promote a positive ethical culture.

How we can help

In developing our forensic investigation capabilities and conducting some of the largest and most complex forensic and anti-corruption investigations, we have developed expertise in detecting, mitigating and preventing instances of fraud. 

Our Fraud Risk Management services include:

Fraud Risk Assessments: A scenario based assessment that considers the various ways that fraud and misconduct can occur within and against your organization. 

Forensic Training: We provide customized Forensic training programs, including ethics and fraud awareness, investigator training, as well as tailored programs designed to specific needs.

Forensic Risk Analytics: Our proprietary risk analytics tool provides insight into your financial data to conduct a ‘health check’ on the business, and identify anomalies that may merit review. 

Ethics & Fraud Awareness Survey: A customized web-based questionnaire that provides management with insights into the level of awareness of ethics and fraud policies, procedures. 

Anonymous Tip-offs: An independent Whistleblowing facility that allows employees to confidentially report unethical or improper conduct, with the option of remaining anonymous.

Deloitte Forensic offers a flexible, staged process to the implementation of a suitable whistleblowing solution, including: 

  • the creation / adaption of a whistleblowing policy; 
  • an assessment of appropriate communication channels; and 
  • the creation of a communication and awareness program.  

We provide clients with a dedicated toll-free number and email address, fax number, and access to the Deloitte’s proprietary Tip-offs Anonymous® web based reporting portal to enable employees to report workplace concerns.