Cyber Incident Response Services

Cyber incident response is more than a technology problem

If you’re responsible for keeping your organization secure in today’s ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, you already know that no organization—regardless of size or industry—is immune from attack. Our approach provides deep insight into cyber events and digital evidence helping organisations prepare for, respond to and rebound from incidents.



We recognize how important it is to establish incident response resources before a cyber-attack happens.

DFIR Retainer
24/7 emergency cyber incident response professionals available through pre-purchase retainer services ready-to-use, and available for rapid support through our hot-line channels.

Incident Response / Ransomware Readiness Assessments
Enhance incident response readiness by assessing and deploying relevant controls for detection, response & recovery. Understand your current ransomware readiness state and enhance technical & operational resilience by adopting an anti-ransomware strategy.

Cyber Response and Digital Forensics Training Programs
Enhance organization’s incident response capabilities through leading digital forensics and cyber readiness & response trainings and awareness programs.

Cyber Wargaming
Prepare your IT and non-IT stakeholders to confidently manage crises through scenario-based simulations & tabletop exercises.

Compromise Assessments
Assess the current state of the network infrastructure to identify any current or historical evidences of network compromise.

Adaptive Reconnaissance
Implement next generation solutions to monitor and react to employee computer usage in real time, delivering unparalleled visibility, security and improving controls.


We use our tested incident management processes and technologies to rapidly adapt and respond to cyber disruptions.

Triage and Response
Perform technical analysis and damage assessment to determine compromised systems, data, user accounts, or services. Investigate to identify the incident's root cause, find the avenues of attack, and identify corrective measures. 

Cyber Threat Intelligence & Malware Analysis
Focus on what matters by providing a comprehensive view of your organization's digital footprint, in addition, to understanding the behavior and purpose of suspicious files for an intelligent-led incident response process.

Expert Witness
Uncover and report on critical digital evidence following an incident, communicating findings in a clear, concise and impartial manner leveraging our extensive experience in working with legal counsels to deliver expert valid evidence.

Crisis Management
Deliver risk and compliance support to help you better understand legal, regulatory, and customer impacts. Provide assistance in working through business interruptions.

Assist with the preservation, collection, processing, hosting and production of data subject to discovery.


We can lead or support in remediation, sustainment, and recovery from an incident that impacts business operations.

Remediation Support
Return to business quickly by following tailorized short-term and long-term plans to remediate the incident and increase your cyber security posture.

Data Recovery
Support in the restoration of data. If required, use forensic techniques to assist in data recovery efforts, following a cyber incident.

Litigation Support
Provide technical assistance in responding to legal or law enforcement matters that may have arisen as a result of a cyber incident.

Post Incident Support
Provide integrated technical and business capabilities to enhance post incident management support. Learning and fixing what went wrong in an incident is key to improving maturity.


Why Deloitte

Why Deloitte

We provide end-to-end cyber incident response services that help our clients prepare for, respond to, and recover from cyber incidents across the entire incident life cycle.

Leveraging the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) network of member firms, we can provide assistance across the globe to many major markets. 

Deloitte’s global network of Cyber Intelligence Centers operate around the clock 365 days a year to offer cyber security solutions and incident response services.

We have local presence in the UAE, KSA, Kuwait and Qatar.

With over 30,000 forensic, risk management and security professionals globally, we have specialists to support all your requirements to bring a breadth of experience. Our professionals are accredited in the following technical certifications: SANS, CISSP, CISM, COBIT, ITIL, CDPP, CEH and more.

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