Customer & Marketing Strategy

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Stakeholder expectations for growth and profitability have increased while the global business environment grows more complex and fluid. In this environment, the influence and agenda of marketing executives have expanded, yet their organizational context has not fully caught up—they often have only indirect input on many of the critical customer and marketing-related decisions enterprises need to make. Navigating these tensions is what today's chief marketing officers (CMOs) face.

About our services

  • Develop a compelling brand and marketing portfolio strategy - organizing the commercial activities and resources associated with company brands against the growth opportunities in the market in a way that creates distinct and sustainable competitive advantage against the relevant competition.
  • Optimize the customer experience - outlining a cultural transformation process to diagnose and design the role of customer centricity in the current / desired state, while in parallel deploying and implementing a wider behavioral transformation journey; applies tools such as Markor diagnostic, Organization Scan, employee segmentation and portrait.
  • Provide impactful customer analytics - provides a holistic view of how customer needs, emotions, beliefs, and situational context drive mindset and behavior. Customer Portrait®, part of the GrowthPath® suite of tools, provides an integrated view of customer behavior today, making the customer "come alive" and providing insight to determine the drivers to reinforce, or barriers to overcome, shifting mindset and behavior.
  • Define the ideal go-to-market strategy - evaluating whether to enter new markets need to contrast the market opportunity against the required investment in terms of time as well as financial reward.
  • Optimize the omnichannel strategy – assessing, identifying, prioritizing and combining the various customer channels available to execute strategy in a manner that reflects a seamless shopping experience for customers.
  • Enhance the marketing capabilities and systems - creating disciplined thought processes that marketers can use to make consistent, transparent and replicable choices. This thinking is then incorporated into formal processes and systems that bolster the entire marketing organization, resulting in individual and team behaviors that filter throughout the larger organization.