Doing business guide KSA

Understanding the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s tax position

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has been attracting international attention for the momentum of its transformation taking place under Vision 2030 and the NEOM project that is central to this vision. The increase in urbanization, ease of doing business, and more on economic diversification is paving the way for increased investment opportunities in the Kingdom.

Deloitte is therefore pleased to launch “Doing Business Guide KSA”, a document which includes a summary of key areas for investors in the Kingdom and those who are already present. The topics covered are the tax landscape, market overview, industries of opportunity, and the full details on how to enter the market, among other key subjects:

  • About Saudi Arabia
  • Market overview
    • Government 
    • Economy overview
    • Vision 2030
    • NEOM
  • Industries of opportunity
    • Procedures for starting a business in Saudi Arabia
  • Entering the market
    • Doing business in Saudi Arabia
    • Procedures for setting up and starting a business
    • Foreign investment incentives and restrictions
    • Tax rules for Special Integrated Logistics Zone issued by the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA)
    • Tax incentives
    • Financial incentives
    • Exchange controls
    • Choice of business entity and setting up a company
    • Principal business entities
    • Types of licenses, minimum capital requirements and percentage of Saudi partnership
    • Restrictions on licenses
    • New Saudi Company Law
    • Key differences between foreign branch, LLC and JSC
    • Accounting principles/financial statements
    • Taxation in Saudi Arabia
    • Income tax and Withholding tax
    • Statutory compliance deadlines
    • Capital gains
    • Transfer Pricing
    • Foreign income and tax treaties Saudi
    • Zakat
    • Value Added Tax (VAT)
    • GCC Unified Customs Tariff 2017
    • Understanding the fundamental Customs drivers and key Customs trends and areas of focus in the KSA
    • Excise duty
    • Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT)
    • Land tax
    • Personal taxation 
  • Immigration and labor landscape
    • Nationalization
    • Visa entry and requirements
      • Business Visit Visa
      • Temporary Work Visa
    • Employment of foreign nationals
    • Ajeer and third-party sponsorship
    • Employment of GCC nationals
    • Training and development
    • Student internship program
    • Social security and pensions
    • Wages and benefits
    • Employment contract authentication
    • Labor Reforms Initiative (LRI)
    • Regional Headquarter (RHQ) Program
    • Professional Verification Program
    • Employee share plans

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Doing business guide

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