E-Visa Platform Launched to Process Visit Visas for Business Travel

19 April 2024 – The Iraqi Ministry of Interior (MOI) has launched an electronic visa (e-Visa) platform to assist employers in applying for Visit Visas for business travel to Iraq for their foreign national employees. 

The new platform replaces the previous process which required the authorized representative of the sponsoring employer to apply for the Visit Visa application in person at the MOI. 

The authorized representative of the sponsoring employer must register on the platform.  Once registered, the online application form can be completed and submitted, and the supporting documentation can be uploaded to the platform. 

The prescribed application fee for an applicant is approximately IQD 106,000 (USD 81), which can vary based on their nationality. 

Once the application is approved, the e-Visa will be sent to the authorized representative by email.  The foreign national, upon arrival in Iraq, must present the e-Visa to the immigration officials. Visit Visas for Business can now be approved in as little as two weeks compared to the four weeks that it previously took to be approved.

To access the platform please visit the Iraqi E-Visa Platform website.

Deloitte’s view

The launch of the e-Visa application services by the MOI is aimed at streamlining the processing of applying for Visit Visas for business travel to Iraq and is viewed as part of a wider digitization drive in the region. 

We expect the MOI to digitize other immigration services in the future which will have a positive impact on the application timelines and should provide a streamlined process.


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